300px-(Location) Zenda

Zenda is a location within Monquista. It is a Monquistan prison, anyone who is sent here is rarely seen again.

History Edit

Although it is unknown when Zenda was built, what is known is that it was built with one thing in mind- holding Monquista's dissidents away from common society. Typical prisoners were rebel citizens, heretics, disgraced heroes and former royals.

During the player's first trip to Monquista, they are tasked with delivering Gortez to Zenda for "recovery"; however, it quickly turns out that Gortez is to be executed, alongside the player! Releasing Gortez, the player is able to overthrow the guards and reclaim the prison for its locals. The player is quickly introduced to the Opposition, who welcome the player in the hopes of overthrowing Monquista's current government.

For the majority of the game (up until the start of Aquila) onwards, the fortress of Zenda is re-purposed as a command center for the Opposition.

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