Which Came First? is a sidequest in Pirate101. Though not necessary to beat the game, those who do complete this quest and the follow-up quests after it (and are Privateers) get a free Monquisitor companion. This quest serves as a tie-in with the story for the Order of St. Simian.

Quest StartEdit

Brother Carlos: Captain, I recognize you. You are the one who helped Bishop Hidalgo in his time of need. The Church has more need of your aid.

Seek out my fellow monk, Brother Enrique, at the Cathedral. He will tell you what must be done. I can say no more.

Goal I: Find Brother Enrique

Brother Enrique: (Player has reached the church) The Holy Church is a vital pillar of Monquistan civilization, the cornerstone of our great empire. But now, the Church is divided.

Discord flares between the Holy Monquisition and the Order of St. Simian. The matter at hand is the most sacred of all questions-

"Which came first: the Banana or the Tree?"

Tradition (and the Holy Monquisition) hold the tree did. We believe differently.

A debate will soon be held here to settle the question. Can you bring us Prefect Lorenzo, our greatest scholar, from Monquista City?

Goal II: Find Prefect Lorenzo (note: this isn't possible until you can go to Monquista)

Old Scratch: The Prefect, he be gone, Captain. Maybe that Monkey Monk over there know where the Prefect went.

Brother Tito: It's too late, Captain. Prefect Lorenzo has been imprisoned by the Monquisition and charged with heresy. He is beyond our reach, perhaps forever.

You have come far to try to help my Order- take a small sum from our tithes as payment. I must go now and pray for my brother's well being.


  1. 10 XP
  2. 50 gold
  3. Unlocks The Fruit of Creation

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