Westminster Skyway is one of the two known skyways in Marleybone, along with Albion Skyway, however Westminster Skyway is the only skyway that can be accessed in Marleybone (for the moment). It is filled with armada and pirate ships that are turning it into a massive uncontrollable warzone.
(Map) Westminster Skyway

Map of Westminster Skyway.

300px-(Location) Westminster Skyway

Westminster Skyway in game.

Areas Edit

Isle of dogs

Isle of Fetch

Invader Fortress

Beachhead Docks

Stormgate (Marleybone to Mooshu) (Requirements: Level 50 Minimum; Pirate has completed Mooshu)

Stormgate (Marleybone to Darkmoor) (Accessible in book 17. ) (PREREQUISITE: Level 75 Minimum; Pirate must have completed Polaris.)

Stormgate (Marleybone to Valencia) (Inaccessible )

Marleybone City (Inaccessible, Accessible in book 17.)

Stormgate (Marleybone to Polaris)

Trafalgar Vortex

Pirate101 Westminster Skyway Music02:01

Pirate101 Westminster Skyway Music

Westminster skyway music

Places of InterestEdit

Teapot Tempest


Armada Marine (Westminster Skyway)

Armada Marksman (Westminster Skyway)

Captain Brocks

Cat Smuggler (Westminster Skyway)

Cat Smuggler Brute (Westminster Skyway)

Dog Pirate (The Hart of Gold)

Flying Fish (Westminster Skyway)

Frog Smuggler (Westminster Skyway)

Grumpy Jeff Haskell

Rat Smuggler (Westminster Skyway)

Sky Gar (Westminster Skyway)

Batacuda(Stormgate to Mooshu)

Enemy ShipsEdit

Armada Ship (Westminster Skyway)

Armada Skiff (Westminster Skyway)

Assault Station (Turret)

Cat Smuggler Ship (Teapot Tempest)

Cat Smuggler Ship (Westminster Skyway)

Frog Pirate Ship (Westminster Skyway)

Millenium Raptor

Wharf Rat Ship (Westminster Skyway)


No NPCS reported here.

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