Water Moles

Water Moles are people native to Skull Island. They are spiritual people who look a lot like platypi.


There are many tribes of Water Moles. They include the Nui and Waponi, along with other tribes whose names are not given, i.e. the Water Moles of Parrot Island, the Water Moles of Skull Island, and the Water Moles of the Isle of Doom.

Types of Water MolesEdit

There are different types of Water Moles. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Water Mole Spearmen (Buccaneer)
  • Water Mole Witchdoctors (Witchdoctor)
  • Water Mole Slingmen (Musketeer)
  • Crazr Water Mole Spearmen (Buccaneer)
  • Water Mole Sumos (Buccaneer)


Water Moles very much resemble platypi, in that they have bills, flat tails, and brown fur (excluding some silver-furred Water Moles, such as the Waponi). They wear colorful feathers around their heads and waists. Some, such as Spirit Callers and Crazed Spearmen, wear masks. Also, some paint their bills and fur (e.g. Warriors). While they are good fighters, Water Moles are slightly short.