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This is Bonnie Anne's third promotion that promotes her from Fox Sniper to Fox Highlander.

General InformationEdit

Given to by:Bonnie Anne (Level:57)

Reward:Bonnie Anne-Fox Highlander

Location: Westminster Skyway, Isle of Dogs

Quest DialogueEdit

Bonnie Anne(Pop Up): " Captain, there's something we need to talk about, and I don't think It'll wait! let's get to a tavern cellar."

Bonnie Anne: "(Any Tavern cellar) I just got a letter from a cousin of mine, It's a family matter. I'll not say much more."

Bonnie Anne: "(Any Tavern Cellar) My cousin works in dock town, on the Isle of Dogs.I need to talk to her immediately,can we go captain? It's important."

Molly Anne: " Bonnie Anne,is that you? I hardly recognize you girl! I see piratin's been kind, I'm glad you came."

Bonnie Anne: " What's this about then?"

Molly Anne: " The Radicals, they're on the move! Word is, they've left Albion, and are going to bring the troubles here, to the Isle of Dogs. But there's more."

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