Tyson is a Bucaneer class Chicken who appears in Cool Ranch. He is also a mandatory boss in-game. He will become a companion if you are a Musketter. 


Tyson somewhat looks like a muscular chicken with the casual beak and foot. He also has very large hands, which is somewhat an advantage to his boxing manner.

  • Chicken Pugilist: In his first state, he has no shirt on. His boxing gloves don't look like boxing gloves at all, but look like Arthritis Gloves. He has red pants on, attached with some kind of towel. he also has a white belt wrapped around it. He has a mask which look like the ones you wear for side-head protection in Karate. 
  • Chicken Boxer: In his second state, he has a full suit on which have vertical lines on it. He also has a black belt wrapped around it. He has full boxing gloves unlike his first state but somewhat looks like it was made from leather judging from its fabric look. He also wears a hat.
  • Chicken Prizefighter: In his final state, he has a mustache and black short hair. He wears a white vest with yellow lines. He has red things in his feet, which somewhat resembles socks. He wears golden colored boxing gloves with red lines on it. He also has a championship belt wrapped around his waist.

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