This is a Storyline quest. You can start it by talking to Captain Avery in Avery's Court.

Prerequisite: Quest: Sharks In The Water

Objectives Edit

  1. Objective #1: Talk to Mordekai in Buccaneer's Den.
  2. Objective #2: Find the Secret Dock in Escape Tunnel.
  3. Objective #3 (Not Mentioned): Complete "Treason's Greetings!".
  4. Objective #4: Talk to Mordekai in Buccaneer's Den.

Dialogue Edit

Captain Avery: "The Cutthroats want to overthrow me? Bilgewater! Those bully boys don't have the gumption! They haven't the brains to run Skull Island, either! Don't know the first thing about proper taxati- er, governance. I'm sure this is nothing. Still, after that business with Fin I can't be too careful. If you're that worried, go tell Mordekai about this and make sure he doubles the guard!"

Mordekai (Upon entering Buccaneer's Den): "Jack betrayed us to the Cutthroats? I never like the look of that Wharf Rat. And now the Sharks are moving against us. I've seen this coming, but the Old Man won't believe we can't trust the Cutthroats. I've got a bad feeling about this. There's a secret dock off of the sewers under the Court. It's Avery's escape tunnel. I bet they plan to sneak in that way. I would. Go down into the sewers and reinforce the guards. Keep your eyes open - Avery is not worried but I am." (After returning from the dungeon) "Sergeant Seger turned traitor? This is worse than I thought!"

Rewards Edit

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