The Trojan Mouse is an item and the methods from which the player (and the armies of Aquila) can finally invade Troy and end the Trojan War.


With Aquila's armies going mad from the war, it was clear that the Ophidians had to die soon. Upon that note, Ulysses the Cunning (eventually) came up with a plan to build a mouse. The plan was simple- create a giant wooden mouse with a hollowed-out inside (with enough room to hold 50 warriors) using plans from Daedalus, use it as a false peace offering for the Ophidians, pretend to leave and then, once the mouse is inside Troy's walls, the attack begins!

Following the Trojan War, the Trojan Mouse was (presumably) left derelict.


  • The trojan mouse is obviously a parody of the Trojan Horse.

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