Tricky Vinny
Tricky Vinny
Vital statistics
Name Tricky Vinny
Gender Male
Race Frog
Class Musketeer
Health starts at 291
Level 11 by deafult
Character Type NPC and Companion
Location Skull Island - Jonah Town

All worlds - Taverns - Tavern Cellar

Resistance 9 by deafult
 Tricky vinny is a companion rewarded from the quest The Great Infestation, however, he is a swashbuckler only companion.


Tricky vinny has the following promotions:

Quest:Promotion! Occurs at level 30.


Boochbeard:Here now - yer companion's all ready. Just pay the fee and they'll promote!


Talk to your companion in Any Tavern Cellar and pay the amount of gold needed to promote your Companion.

Fee: The player must pay 3000 gold in order for Tricky Vinnny to promote into Tricky Vinny (Frog Scoundrel).

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