Tradewinds Skyway is a Skyway located in the the world of Skull Island, this skyway is prodominatly ruled by Monquistian colonies and Wharf Rats. This territory is in constant violence and warfare, as every power (be it one of the Imperial Powers or a minor group) is trying to gain a monopoly on this place.


Ever since Monquista became an Imperial Power, they set up colonies all over the Spiral. One of the most successful colonies was Puerto Mico, which surpasses the famous Wharf Rat settlement of Scrimshaw.

The Monquistian Stormgate on the far end of the skyway makes it easy for trade is flow through the Tradewinds Skyway. The Gold Mine also produces huges sums of gold ore for Monquista.

Key LocationsEdit

This skyway includes:

Connects to:Edit

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