(Map) Tierra Primata Skyway


Tierra Primata Skyway is one of the known Skyways in Monquista that The Player travels to during the events of Pirate 101. You first travel there to turn in Gortez, however, the goal is changed to finding to the Monkey's Paw. The Skyway is filled with Monquistan naval ships that make it nearly impossible to access safely.

Connects To:Edit

Places of InterestEdit


Enemy ShipsEdit


  • No NPC'S are reported here.

Trivia Edit

  • On the map of Tierra Primata Skyway, at both ends of the Windlanes, there are arrows that are believed to lead to other Skyways in Monquista. However, they do not indicate what the names of these Skyways are, or if you can even get there, as attempting to travel pass the map will only send you back, since it is blocked by nothing.

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