The Troggies
are described to be humanoid frogs. They come in many colors, but the most well-known species has blue scales and orange hands & feet. Troggies have the jump power, which lets them go over objects.

Background & History Edit

Troggies have been mysterious enemies to the pirates of Skull Island for an unspecified number of decades. They have been thought to have evolved from ordinary frogs, however it is unlikely that they have any affiliation with the Armada. They are frequently at war with the pirates and even with the Cutthroats on defending their territory around the forests and Skull Cave.

Troggy RolesEdit

All Troggies have a role as enemies.

Troggy HunterEdit

This form of Troggy comes in four different colors: Purple, Orange, White, Blue and Yellow in the current test realm.  The role of this Troggy seems to be hunting food for its scaly tribe of frogs.

Class: Musketeer

Equips: Blow Dart Tube

Level 1 - Troggy

Troggy Hunter

22 Health

Level 2 - Troggy

Troggy Hunter

33 Health

Quest AppearancesEdit

  1. Troggy Trouble


  1. Skull Island - Skull Mountain
  2. Skull Island - Skull Mountain - Temple of Gloom - Flooded Shrine
  3. The Dark Jungle
  4. Scurvy Dog Hideout - Mysterious Tunnels

Names GivenEdit

  1. Ooloop
  2. Ek-Ek
  3. Quip
  4. Oop
  5. Lurp
  6. Nek-Nek
  7. Gleet
  8. Loo
  9. Ooo
  10. Eek
  11. Tik-Tik
  12. Ool

Troggy ShamanEdit

The wisemen (or wisefrogs, as the case may be) of the Troggies, the Shamans tend to be leaders in the community and are often entrusted with keeping the keys to cages full of invaders. Their magic keeps them safe from a distance, but they lack severly in physical prowess. Class: Witchdoctor

Equips: Troggy Wand

Level 1 - Troggy

Troggy Shaman

19 Health

Level 2 - Troggy

Troggy Shaman

29 Health

Level 3 - Troggy

Troggy Shaman

39 Health

Quest AppearancesEdit

  1. Troggy Trouble
  2. Live and Let Livsey

Creature DropsEdit


  1. Skull Mountain - 1-2 gold
  1. Cook's Hat
  2. Piratin' Hat
  3. Ratfink's Hat
  4. Skyfarer's Tricorne
  1. Captain's Topcoat
  2. Dog Officer's Uniform
  3. Mess Uniform
  4. Officer's Garments
  5. Pirate's Knickers
  6. Rat's Breeches
  7. Ratfink's Attire
  8. Ripper's Uniform
  9. Sailor's Suit
  10. Skyfarer's Jacket
  11. Stray's Jacket
  12. Thresher's Jacket
  1. Firstmate's Loafers
  2. Vagabound's Shoes


  1. Jasper Charm
  1. Valencian Band
  2. Shark Band
  3. Wayfarer's Band
  1. Embroidered Elegant Throw Pillow
  2. Embroidered Regal Pillow
  3. Round Stool
  4. Skull Island Cave Wallpaper


  1. Skull Mountain
  2. Temple of Gloom
  3. The Gold Mine - The Dark Jungle
  4. Scurvy Dog Hideout - Mysterious Tunnels

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