The Magnificent 7 are a group of heroes known throwout the Cool Ranch Skyway.

Members Edit

  1. Wyatt Chrip (leader and founder/deseased)
  2. Wild Bill Peacock
  3. Calamity Jane Canary
  4. Billy the Kid
  5. Duck Holiday
  6. Buffalo Bill
  7. Bat Masterson
  8. Timmy (newest recruit)
  9. You (Your Pirate)

History Edit


Companion Division Edit

After the you help reunite the seven and defeat the Wild Bunch, depending on what type of pirate you are will determine which member of the seven will join your crew

  • Swashbucklers receive Buffalo Bill
  • Witchdoctors receive Bat Masterson
  • Buccaneers receive Billy the Kid
  • Musketeers receive Duck Holiday
  • Privateers receive Wild Bill Peacock and Calamity Jane Canary
  • No one Receives Tommy because he's the dumb