The Iron Monkey is a Promotion Quest for Wing Chun. You start this quest by talking to Wing Chun when he reaches Level 13.

Objectives Edit

  • Talk to  Wing Chun in any Tavern Cellar
  • Talk to Prior Andreo at St. Bonobo's Abbey
  • Talk to Iron Monkey in the Iron Sanctum (Vortex of Torment)
  • Collect 5 Bananas from the Ancient Ruins
  • Talk to Iron Monkey in Monquista
  • Defeat Iron Monkey
  • Talk to Wing Chun in any Tavern Cellar

Hand In: Wing Chun

Dialogue Edit

Wing Chun: I have something urgent to discuss with you, Captain. Go to a tavern cellar! Quickly!

Wing Chun: It is time! I must demonstrate my skills to a Master, in combat. If i can, I will become a Disciple!

Wing Chun: I know we cannot go to MooShu now. But there may be a way I can find a Master to test me in Monquista.

Wing Chun: Stories tell of Iron Monkey, a Monquistan priest who went to MooShu to convert, but was converted.

Wing Chun: "He became a Monk like me, and a Master! Ask the Prior at St. Bonobo's about Iron Monkey - if we can find him, I can continue my great journey!"

Prior Andreo: "The Iron Monkey? I knew him well, before he took that name. His is a sad story, one of our Order's greatest sorrows."

Prior Andreo: "Brother Matteo was a legend. Blessed by the Holy Tree, he journeyed all the way to MooShu, spreading the faith and making converts."

Prior Andreo: "He returned from MooShu a changed Monkey. Matteo renounced his vows, becoming a Monk for some Sacred Cow in that far off land! He had a new name: Iron Monkey."

Prior Andreo: "When the Monquisition came for him, Matteo defeated three dozen with his bare hands! He fled into the Vortex of Torment, and never came out."

Iron Monkey: "At last you have found me. Tell Shunzang I still refuse. What? You have not come from Subata? Why are you here?"

Wing Chun: "Master, this Student comes humbly before you to be tested."

Iron Monkey: "You would earn your Black Sash? Come back later, with a plate of Bananas from the jungles of the Isle of Doom."

Wing Chun: "So be it!"

Iron Monkey: "Ah good. And what lesson did you learn gathering the bananas?"

Wing Chun: "I learned that no matter how far he walks, a Monkey remains a Monkey."

Iron Monkey: "Acceptable. I shall eat them later. Now you will be tested. Show me what you have learned."

Iron Monkey: "Wing Chun, you are a Student no longer - I name you a Disciple. Continue your journey, and in time you will become a Master."

Wing Chun: "Indeed! Come, Captain, let us go to a Tavern, and celebrate!"

Wing Chun: "It is done! My journey continues. If you keep listening me, Captain, perhaps even you can find enlightenment!"

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