This is the companion promotion quest for the companion, "Bonnie Anne", allowing her to be promoted from Fox Musketeer to Fox Sharpshooter.

General InformationEdit

  • Given to by: Bonnie Anne (LEVEL: 8)"
  • Reward: Bonnie Anne - Fox Sharpshooter

NOTE: Bonnie Anne MUST be in the fight against the Cutthroats on The Old Chum

Quest DialogueEdit

Bonnie Anne (Pop-up): Captain, I need to talk to ye about something important. Let's go to a tavern cellar."  ({Anywhere} At random tavern cellar) "Cap'n, the time has come for me to become a true sharpshooter! My mentor, Ol' Fish Eye, can give me his blessin an' then I'll be ready. He lives under the bastion at Skull Island Fort. Let's go see 'im!"

Ol' Fish Eye (Skull Island, Fort Bastion, Musketeer's Roost): "'Ah, Bonnie Anne wants to become a sharpshooter, eh? Well, ye don't need me - Annie's learned everything she needs to know. She needs a better weapon - that Sparquebus won't do at all. I have it! Well, I don't have it, but I know what ye need. Ye know what I mean... My old friend Adolphus had a Scaramanga musket . Scaramanga - Valencian, the best! Less than a thousand were made. Get that gun, and ye'll do fine. Adolphus ran off and joined the Cutthroats, not very smart. He was on a ship called The Old Chum - it's been seen on Skull Mountain."

Cutthroat Lackey (Skull Mountain, On board the Old Chum, After Fight): "'Enough - I'll talk! Adolphus? The Musketeer? We roughed 'im up an' left 'im for dead. We left 'im at Refuge Isle , at the end of Corsair's Channel."

Bonnie Anne (Corsair's Cove, Refuge Isle): "'Ah, here it is! Or was... She looks to be a fine musket, but she's in terrible shape. I know just who we need to talk to. Lucius Fox, down in Gullet, he'll fix this easy!"

Lucius Fox (Jonah Town, Gullet, Lucius Fox's Workshop): "'Why, hello, what we have here? A Scaramanga! A shame, it's in poor condition. But it can be fixed... for a price. Oh, it's for Bonnie Anne? Then repairs will be free of charge. Here, this should do just nicely. Congratulations!"

Bonnie Anne: "'It's time to celebrate! Let's go to the Tavern!"

Bonnie Anne ({Anywhere} At Tavern Cellar): "The Scaramanga! She's a beauty! Let's put this musket to some good use, eh, Cap'n?"

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