The Fruit of Creation is a sidequest in Pirate101. The follow-up quest to Which Came First?, players who complete this quest and its follow-up quest (and are Privateers) shall receive a Monquisitor companion. Like "Which Came First?", this quest serves as a tie-in with the story of the Order of St. Simian.

Quest StartEdit

Prefect Lorenzo: Do I know you? You have set this place to rights, though I wonder how long this rebellion can survive.

We in the Order of St. Simian believe a Seed from the Holy Banana gave rise to the Tree. The Monquisition calls my faith in the Banana heresy.

I have heard of a debate that will be held in Puerto Mico. I fear I am too frail to make the trip, but you can deliver my proof to my brothers.

Before the Monquisition came for me, I gave my copy of the Book of the Banana to Brother Tomas. He fled to La Mancha. Bring the Book to me.

Goal I: Talk to Brother Tomas

Brother Tomas: (Player has reached La Mancha) You have freed Prefect Lorenzo? Trees be praised! You have doubtless come looking for his Book. Alas, it is no longer in my possession.

Renegade Monquistadors, savage bandits, stole it from me and took it away on one of their ships.

I had no choice but to give the Book to the Renegades. Hunt their ships to find the Book of the Banana. Then you can take it to Lorenzo.

Goal II: Defeat Roque Monquistadors, then Collect Book; Report back to Prefect Lorenzo

Prefect Lorenzo: Ah, the Book of the Banana is safe! Good. If these words are correct, as I believe, the Sacred Scrolls aren't worth their parchment.


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