The Commodore
Vital statistics
Name The Commodore
Gender Male
Race Dog
Class Privateer class trainer
Health Unkown
Level Unkown
Character Type Class trainer
Location Privateers Office
Resistance Unkown

One of the few residents of Skull Island to remain after Avery took over, the Commodore is the very model of a Marleybonian admiral - a commander's commander, who has forgotten more about tactics and naval strategy than most people will ever learn. Sadly the Commodore (nobody is quite certain what his real name is) is getting on in years, and his hearing and memory aren't what they once were.

He is also a trainer.

Early LifeEdit

The Commodore early life is almost completely unknown,However it is said that when he was young he started out swabbing the decks,and was promoted to officer,captain,and beyond.He was commanded by Marleybone to go to Skull Island in his later career,and stayed after Captain Avery took control.

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