Subodai is the starter companion for Swashbucklers. He currently has two promotions at levels 13 and 46, just like the other start companions.

Early lifeEdit

Subodai was a former member of the Amber Horde tribe, but he then became an outcast and was sold to the Armada as a slave. He is freed by

the player and swears to help him. He is known to be grandson of Ogudai and nephew of Qulpa.

Appearance and weaponsEdit

Subodai is a Buccaneer and uses a big sword for his weapon.

Horse Barbarian- He has starting armour and a hat. Facial features include mustache and goatee.

Horse Warrior- He has a crest on his head, and small armor.

Horse Khan- He has armor and an armored helmet.

Promotions and AbilitiesEdit

As a horse barbarian,Subodai can learn talents-accurate, agile, armored, dodgy ,rough, strong, and tough. Subodai's first promotion is at level 13 where he becomes a Horse Warrior. He can learn two new abilities(you choose)Subodai learns Buccaneer Strike which reduces the damage done by enemies for three turns. He also learns an upgraded critical strike. From there he can learn epic talents-vengance strike,blade storm,cheap shot, flanking, relentless, relentless rank 2, venagance strike rank 2.

Subodai's second promotion is at level 47 where he becomes a Horse Khan. When he becomes a 'Horse Khan', he has the Buccaneer Smash skill. It reduces accuracy and dodge and agility to the enemy.

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