The Spiral is the world that Pirate101 and Wizard101 take place in.


The Spiral is home to several other, smaller worlds; Thus, there is a multitude of lands to visit. Among them are the following worlds:

  1. Skull Island- A relatively new and unexplored world, Skull Island is a vast world full of dense jungles, great treasures, and, with the collapse of some colonies, ferociously greedy pirates. There has never been a more obvious source of evil, danger, and excitement in the Spiral to date. With the Imperial Powers all struggling to gain some foothold in this land, it is almost no wonder that conflict is a common part of this world.
  2. Monquista- Once a worthless, wild jungle land, Monquista has changed in the past few years, though not necessarily for the better. Monquista's balance of power is constantly shifting without control, leaving the citizenry to suffer. Water is a valuable treasure there, as Monquista is noticably arrid, with what little water there is being the color of dirt.
  3. Dragonspyre- At one time, Dragonspyre was the seat of a powerful military nation. However, the coming of the Dragon Titan turned the world into a dead land; Now, only monsters and ghosts live in the area, plauging all who dare to visit. Not even the bravest of pirates, adventurers, or explorers dare to venture in this forsaken land.
  4. Valencia- Home to scholars, inventors, and artists aplenty, Valencia is a center of knowledge in the Spiral (and the center of the Spiral, if the Valencians are to be believed). Though the place was once known to be quite beautiful, the creation of the Armada has turned the tables considerably; The Clockworks now rule over the living, enslaving, mistreating, and possibly killing any who dare to oppose them.
  5. Cool Ranch- A vast land of deserts, wild animals, and danger, Cool Ranch is easily one of the most lawless worlds in all of the Spiral. Plagued by bandits and pirates alike, Cool Ranch is not a place that one should take lightly.
  6. MooShu- The only Imperial Power that has yet to crumble, MooShu is currently facing a serious issue. Though the Emperor lives, in his recovery, his former vassals have begun turning on him, causing trouble and strife wherever they go. Complicating matters are the Amber Horde, Ninja Pigs, the Yakooza, and the Armada, who are all tearing the place apart. Though whole now, MooShu is dangerously close to falling apart.
  7. Marleybone- A land of sophistication, mechanical wonders unlike most other nations, and an impressive navy, Marleybone stands as a powerful empire within reach of several worlds throughout the Spiral. A recent war has made living in Marleybone rougher than normal and every soldier in Marleybone is forced to fight with every piece of their strength if the Spiral has any hope of defeating Johnny Clockwork.
  8. Aquila- The former seat of a massive empire, Aquila is but a mere shell of what it once was. Having fallen behind the rest of the Spiral in terms of technology, Aquila is generally ignored by the rest of the Spiral. However, there are still great adventures occurring in Aquila and there is no greater place to earn glory than here.

Likely Next Story Update Edit

  1. Polaris- Often referred to as "The Frozen Roof of the Spiral," Polaris is a frigid nation. Home to Walruses, Ice Bears, and Penguins, very few can survive in the harsh areas that make up the land. Once a place of traditions, the Penguin Revolution upset the old ways and has left Polaris changed. It is shown in Valencia Part 2 in a side quest that Napoleguin is now Emperor and has made peace with all of his former enemies, except for Marleybone, which intercepts shipments from Polaris. Little other information stands on Polaris' current shape; However.
  2. Darkmoor- A land of shadows, fear, and terror, Darkmoor is not a place for the feint of heart. Little information stands on Darkmoor's current shape. More information is expected when Darkmoor is possibly released in the next update. Pirates most likely will have the ability to venture there in Book 16; however, the pirate will likely have access at level 75, but it is likely to be released next story update, Arc 2's first update.It is also home to paranormal activity and creates such as undead or ghosts. It is also where the infamous Duck of Death comes from, at least in his current state that is.

Next Next Storyline Update Edit

Krokotopia- Once home to an ancient empire, Krokotopia has fallen silent for quite some time. The recent excavations of the local tombs by Marleybone, however, have stirred the ancients who slumber in their tombs. A source of ancient treasures and cultures, brave explorers and, unfortunately, treasure thieves have come to claim the riches from the past.

List of all worlds that have been mentioned slightly or briefly (or not at all), but are not as likely very unlikely to be visited in the near future, if at allEdit

  • Azteca Extremely unlikely for lore reasons. But it would have to be before the events of Wizard101's Azteca (some of you probably know why.)
  • El Dorado We haven't located all of the map pieces yet, this is actually impossible for a while.
  • Grizzleheim Slight possibility.
  • Rajah Somewhat likely. Not too likely though, but still is a possibility.
  • Zafaria Almost no possibility of going here at all, but who knows. It is mentioned in a few side quests, and it is a Marleybone colony.
  • Celestia is the least mentioned world on this list (not even mentioned verbally, only on a picture). The only mention of Celestia in pirate101 is on a spiral map in Marleybone; however, it's hugely unlikely that we will ever go here in the Future for lore reasons.
  • Lighthouse World no one even knows what or where this world is (has not even been mentioned verbally or released as an accessible world in any Kingsisle game.)


  • Wysteria and Wizard City can bee seen in Stormgates, but we would have no reason to go to these areas (at least that's what we think). These are also seen on the spiral map in Marleybone.