Solid Proof is a sidequest in Pirate101. Those who complete this sidequest (along with its very minor folllow-up quest which, while unneeded for the companion, is quite intriguing) and are Privateers will receive a Monquisitor companion.

Quest StartEdit

Prefect Lorenzo: My Order believes that the Sacred Tree sprang from Seeds, which fell to the First World inside the Golden Banana.

I know: bananas have no seeds! But I tell you, this was not always so. The Book of the Banana tells of an ancient time, when bananas had seeds.

I think such bananas still exist in the jungles on the Isle of Doom. Go there and find Romero Gorado in the jungle outpost. He says that he's seen them.

The bananas will prove the Book is truth! Take the Book with you, and when you have the Bananas, take all of it to the debate in Puerto Mico.

Goal I: Find Romero Gorado in Survivors' Cave

Romero Gorado: There will be a debate soon? We must move quickly. There is a place, deep in the jungle, where the trees walk!

The strange trees guard a grove of banana plants full of Small Bananas. They have seeds! Pick these Small Bananas and take them to the debate.

Goal II: Collect seven Small Bananas in the Dark Jungle

Goal III: Talk to Brother Enrique in San Mandrillo Cathedral

Brother Enrique: You have returned at last! We feared the worst. Prefect Lorenzo could not come? He will be missed, but the evidence you bring is enough.

The debate is about to begin!


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