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(Map) Skull Island

This area includes the first town with vendors that pirates will encounter, and is adjacent to the Skull Island Docks.

Access to the Skull Island Docks is granted by the quest That Dirty Rat!.

Access to the Ancient Tunnels is granted by the quest The MooShu Falcon.

Skull island is the main place for most of your missions throughout the game.

Connects ToEdit

 Averys Court
 Skull Island Docks
 Ancient Tunnels

Places of InterestEdit

 Abandoned Homestead
 Black Rock Cave
 Doyle's Shack
 Master's Lair
 Orchard Plateau
 Outlaw's Outfitter
 Pearl and Plunder
 Red Hook Cave
 Red Hook Cave Mouth
 Remmington's Steel
 Skull Cap Cove
 Skull Island Bazaar
 Skull Island Sewers
 The Kraken Skulls Tavern
 The Kraken Skulls Tavern Cellar
 Tinkney's Warehouse


 Buster Crab
 Crab Crawlie (Skull Island Caves)
 Crab Harpooner (Black Rock Cave)
 Crab Harpooner (Orchard Plateau)
 Crab Thug (Black Rock Cave)
 Crab Thug (Orchard Plateau)
 Dog Pirate (Skull Island Sewers)
 Frankie Pinch
 Guinea Pig Guard (Skull Island Sewers)
 Lagoony (Skull Cap Cove)
 Louis Jerry
 Mouse Swashbuckler (Doyle's Shack)
 Ninja Pig (Orchard Plateau)
 Ol' Ezekiel
 Rat Brigand (Doyle's Shack)
 Rat Brigand (Kraken Skulls)
 Rat Scoundrel (Doyle's Shack)
 Red Claw Gunner (Red Hook Cave)
 Red Claw Thug (Red Hook Cave)
 Shinobi (Orchard Plateau)
 Skeletal Crossbowman (Abandoned Homestead)
 Skeletal Pirate (Abandoned Homestead)
 Skeletal Warrior (Abandoned Homestead)
 Sloth Guardsman
 The Master
 Thresher (Skull Cap Cove)
 Thresher Cannoneer (Skull Cap Cove)
 Undead Houngan (Abandoned Homestead)
 Wharf Rat Squirt (Doyle's Shack)


 Billy Haze
 Blind Mew
 Brataq Bey
 Buster Crab
 Captain Gordon (Skull Island)
 Captain Michael Stone
 Chief Kana Kol
 Cobbler Ron
 Dockmaster Dan
 Eloise Merryweather
 Harman Barne
 Harvey Deuce
 Jack Scallywag
 Jim Doyle
 Joey Karo
 Johnny Cake
 Louis le Bisque
 Madame Bianca
 Maka Motl
 Marie Couleur
 Marquis Mark
 Mel the Tailor
 Mr. Trelawny
 Nancy McGill
 Nate Carter
 Professor Byron
 Prospector Zeke
 Rachel Wall
 Reedy Mary
 Rosey Harriot
 Ryan the Relentless
 Salty Will Roberts
 Sammy Jones
 Sarah Steele
 Simon Smith
 Skinny Pete
 Surly John Remmington
 Tiki Taa
 Tom Tinkney
 Tony Rannochio
 Young Nick


  • Skull island is clearly based off of Jamica or Nassau, a city in the Bahamas.

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