This is a Storyline quest. You can start the quest by talking to Lasko in Traitor's Cave.

Objectives Edit

  1. Objective #1: Investigate the Murky Depths in Underwater Grotto.
  2. Objective #2: Find the Cutthroats in Underwater Grotto. (Complete the quest "Crab Bag".
  3. Objective #3: Defeat Cutthroat Ships and Collect Information in Skull Island Skyway.
  4. Objective #4: Talk to Captain Avery in Avery's Court.

Dialogue Edit

Lasko: "Young Jack, there - he's haunted by his dishonest deeds. Ratbeard's treachery taught him just how shameful his misdeeds were. I can't help you 'till I know they won't be left behind. Set their souls at ease."

Jack: "Before I joined Ratbeard's crew I worked for Captain Avery, but I was keeping a shameful secret. The Cutthroats were paying me to spy on him.They're up to something, something big, but I never learned what. The shame of my betrayal's too much - I can't rest till I know Avery is safe! I used to meet the Sharks in a cave just through that pool. I was due to meet them after dinner, but look how that turned out... Go down there and lie in wait, and maybe you can wring the plan out of 'em! Please, Pirate, help ease my conscience."

Bonnie Anne: "No Sharks in here, Captain. Let's swim down that other passage-- maybe they're lurking down there."

Cutthroat Pirate: "Enough I'll talk! I'll talk!

Bonnie Anne: "We've got to tell Avery, Captain. This is getting serious!"

Captain Avery: "The Cutthroats are revolting? Well, I don't like to be in the room when they're eating, but... what?"

Rewards Edit

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