Santo pollo skyway

The Santo Pollo Skyway is a mid-sized skyway in Cool Ranch. It is a parody of Mexico and the Western United States.


Before the events of Pirate101, Santo Pollo skyway was the territory of the Stallions. The skyway was named after the mission they set up there- Santo Pollo. Unfortunately, time wears away everything, and many of the great Stallions left for what passed as "greener pastures". The only Stallions to remain were the poor, some local musicians and Don de la Vega (otherwise known as "El Toro"). In the time since then, problems aplenty had risen: "Banditoads, corrupt governors, thieves, brigands and even the dread pirate Captain Blood" were always an issue, but El Toro continued to bring safety to the beleagured people who had since claimed the place as their own.

Some time later (when is never specified), a band of Frogerales became the controllers of the skyway; sadly, they did their jobs of defending the place poorly, as "Banditoads ran riots in the streets" while the guards lazed off. Unbeknownst to all, the Banditoads and Frogerales were working together.

By the events of Pirate101, Santa Pollo is still in poor shape: Santa Rana- the current "El Presidente" of the skyway -endlessly taxes the local peoples. Even worse, the Banditoads continue to be an issue and the Frogerales are still cowards!

Key LocationsEdit

The primary locations in the Santo Pollo Skyway are Santo Pollo, Castillo Sapo, Isla de Los Muertos and Tormenta Oscura. It also connects to the Haunted Skyway and Cooper's Roost Skyway.

Banditoads and SalamandersEdit

The Banditoad faction and Salamander faction united and have ruled the Santo Pollo Skyway since the Stallion rule faded away. The Banditoads are considered cruel against the Stallions, and commonly ransack the city of Santo Pollo without any interference from the Frogerales.

Their leader, Santa Rana, controls his faction at Castillo Sapa- his personal fortress. Since the Banditoads are naturally hostile, little trade flows through this skyway.


  • Santo pollo skyway is based on a part of Mexico because of similar cultre.

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