The Radicals are one of the many gangs that make up "The Troubles" in Marleybone. Made predominantly of Foxes (though Cats, Frogs and even a few Dogs make up the ranks), the Radicals plan to overthrow the Dogs (the higher up ones, at least) and improve things for everyone... at least, that was how things were originally; now, however, the Radicals aim to gain vengeance on the Dogs for the endless suffering endured by their kind.

Known membersEdit

  1. Marcus Vulpine- Leader of the Radicals (and possible founder), Vulpine is regarded as "Public Enemy #1". Nicknamed "Codename V" by the members of Special Branch, he is hated by almost every dog in Marleybone.
  2. Guy Fox- Bonnie Anne's older brother, Guy Fox is a fanatical follower of the Radicals. When he realizes that Bonnie Anne has been working with Special Branch, he doesn't take the news very well and intends to stop his sister before things turn ugly.
  3. Bonnie Anne- An ex-member of the Radicals, formerly known as "Annie Fox", Bonnie quit when she realized that the fighting the Radicals were getting into was getting her nowhere; sadly, her family has yet to see this and many of them are still a part of the Radicals. Naturally, any encounters with the Radicals is sure to prove painful for Bonnie Anne.
  4. Nigel Swidget- Also an ex-member of the Radicals, Nigel was one of the more noteworthy frogs to join the Radicals. He worked under Red Fox, one of the higher ups in the Radicals. After receiving a beating from the player, he quit the Radical business and returned to his uncle, Mr. Swidget.
  5. Red Fox- A late member of the Radicals, Red Fox was one of the Radicals' higher ups. During the player's journey through the sewers, Red Fox attacks, mistaking the player for a hitman from a rival gang. Red Fox ends up dead in the ensuing fight. He could be a relative to Bonnie Anne (though there is nothing really to indicate this).


  • The Radicals are clearly based off of the IRA [Irish Republican Army], and the real radicals from the English Civil War.   

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