This is a Storyline quest. You can start it by entering the dungeon "Secret Dock". This quest is also one of the few quests that do not have any rewards.

Objectives Edit

  1. Objective #1: Defeat Sergeant Seger in Secret Dock.
  2. Objective #2: Locate "The Boss" in Secret Dock.
  3. Objective #3: Defeat Sneaky Shark McFin in Secret Dock.

Dialogue Edit

Sergeant Seger: "Who goes there? Mordekai's sent ye, has 'e? An' what's ol' Fin Head on about today? A 'gainst Avery? That's 'orrible, that is! I can't imagine! Cutthroats, ye say? The Sharks mean to take over Skull Island? Terrible. Terrible, that is, that somebody's been talking too much. We need to nip these frightening rumors right in the bud, eh, lads?"

Tavern Companion: Edit

Starter Companion (After Fight): Edit

Sergeant Seger: "I told ye we're found out! Here they be!"

Sneaky Sharky McFin: "Yar! Ahoy, ye hearties! Ye'll not be havin' no tales to tell the Cap'n now! All hands - attack! Avast ye! Har!"

Bonnie Anne: "What did he say?"

Sneaky Shark McFin (Pop-up): "Yar! Seger abandon the boat!

Mormo (Pop-up): "Strange shark. Mormo think he talk funny."

Starter Companion (Pop-up): Edit

  • Egg Shen:
  • Kan Po: "He who fights and runs away... must be tracked down and caught! Tell Mordekai of Seger's betrayal."
  • Kobe Yojimbo:
  • Subodai:
  • Wing Chun: