This is a Storyline quest.

General Information Edit

Given By: Itzam Halach

Rewards: XP: 175

Completed By: Itzam Halach

Includes Edit

Character(s): Edit

Enemy(ies): Edit

Recoverabled Item(s): Edit

Objective(s) Edit

  1. Objective Goal #1: Defeat Tzib'Chac Finskull and Collect I'Chan Talismans in Xol Akmul (0 of 6) (Location: Skull Island (Skull Island Skyway, Blood Shoals - Xol Akmul)
  2. Objective Goal #2: Collect the Crystal Skull in Xol Akmul, (Location: Skull Island (Skull Island Skyway), Blood Shoals - Xol Akmul)

Dialogue Edit

Itzam Halach: "Tailless one, you have fought to help us. I am impressed... we have seen your kind's capacity for destruction. Now I see you Humans can do good.

Lamac Chol: "Are you mad? You would treat with a Smoothskin? Let my horns deal with this one before the Lords of Night abandon us!"

Itzam Halach: Is Lamac Chol now Ahau of our people? NO! It is I, Itzam Halach, who was chosen by the Lords to lead our people through the Portal to safety. And it is I, Itzam Halach, who sees that the Scaleless One is sent here to aid us. This one will help protect us all. Aeons ago, this was a city of my people. We have returned only now, seeking refuge from the Catclysm to come. But trouble has befallen us again. As soon as we came, the curse fell upon us. Dark magic, a great spell that would make slaves or mindless killers of us. I try to hold his magic at bay, but without powerful Talismans I cannot hope to succeed. The Court of Aztecozuma holds the great Crystal of Chan Chich. The Tzib'Chax priests went to recover it, protected by I'chan Tub Amulets. But the evil spell was too great - the Finskulls fell into madness - go to the Court, recover the Amulet and the Crystal, and bring them to me. (Talk again to Itzam Halach) Evil magic threatens my people - take the I'chan Tun Amulets from the Finskulls in the Court of Aztecozuma, and I can hold the spell at bay.

Louis Le Bisque: We have the amulets, now we must take the crystal!

Bonnie Anne: Now that that's done.

Itzam Halach: "You have done well, scaleless one. But I fear your efforts may not be enough."

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