Quest DialogueEdit

Bonnie Anne: "That's a nice lookin Cane. Wonder what it's doing down here? Oy! There are initials engraved here: R.H. Hmmmm. Harker! This must be Mr. Harker's Cane! 'We should take it back to 'im. Harker's no beggar - he'll make it worth our while. You can find him at the Gypsy Wagon outside Avery's mansion.

Mr. Harker: "What's this? My Cane, found at last! You've done me quite a favor, young Pirate. You have my gratitude. I have a gift to give in return - the gift of fun!' Divert yourself with games of skull and chance! Step up to my Wagon of Wonders, and let the merriment begin!"

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