This is a Storyline quest.


  1. Objective #2: Explore Plaza of the Portal in Xol Akmul


  1. XP: 150





Recoverable Item(s):Edit


Oxlahun Zotz: "What am I? I am Aztecosaur, from doomed Azteca. My ancestors built this place long ago and then entombed themselves, leaving the city to the jungle. Azteca is doomed - the Queen of Shadows has come, and enslaved the Lords of Night. Itzan Halach the shaman led the people of my city here to escape. But we traded one doom for another - some evil force in these ruins unleashed dark magic that drove many of our warriors mad! My people are trapped now, and their food is nearly gone. I led some Hunters out to get more Meat - only I kept my wits. Help us - take the Meat back from the Crazed Hunters, and bring it to the Plaza of the Portal, where my tribe waits, starving."

(After recovering the 6 Meat)

Presidio Companion, Louie Le Bisque:

Itzam Halach: "You have done us a great good, tiny stranger. But there is more to do."

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