This a Side quest.


  1. XP: 140
  2. Companion Training Point(s): 1





  1. Objective Goal #1: Defeat Frido Banditoad and Collect Huck's Deed in Cueva de Frido (Location: Cool Ranch (Arroyo Grande), Junction - Cueva de Frido)


'Mark Clemens': "A big bad Banditoad knocked on Huck's door one afternoon and offered him a warm basket of cornbread. Huck, being simply minded as he is, accepted the snack. He fell into a deep sleep, and when awoke, he was right in this here saloon. Poisoned I tell, ya, he was poisoned! And that tricky Banditoad took the Deed to his house. Huck knows more about the thief..."

Huck Sawyer: "That cheatin', snivelin', yellow-bellied Banditoad tricked me. That's the last time I'll eat cornbread from a stranger. His name's Frido Banditoad, and you can find him in Upper Arroya Grande."

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