Queen Eleanor is a friend the the main player makes in Monquista. She appears as a young queen, one of King Fernando's previous wives, who wants a change in Monquista. She has been secretly in love with Gortez ever since the opposition started (but Gortez didn't know, even though he felt the same way about her).

Later in the game, Napoleguin Wins the Monquistan Civil War aganist King Fernando VI during the events of Marleybone beause the main player freed him from Fort Elena. Witch results in Her marrying Gortez. Fernando was overthroned along with his forth wife, and possibly executed or thrown in a duengon. Gortez and Eleanor are later are claimed king and queen of monquista. During the end of the events of Marleybone, the player goes to Gortez and Eleanor (who are now married) for permission into passage into the world of Aquila.

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