Port Regal Skyway is a primarily Marleybone-controlled skyway, other than some smaller locations that have been seized by the Armada. The largest settlement here is Port Regal, it is also used to travel to Mooshu.


Enemy ShipsEdit

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Skyway CreaturesEdit


  • There is a Stormgate to Valencia in this skyway. However, it says it requires a Red Windstone, which the player has not acquired yet. It is possible that this Stormgate could be used to access Valencia's third skyway, Andalusian Skyway, in the far future.
  • Port Regal is is the least Piracy filled Skyway in Skull island, and has the Highest Presence of the Imperial Powers, Marleybone, and the Armada in Skull island, Besides Tradewinds Skyway.

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