One-Eyed Jack is an NPC in Skull Island. He lives in Flotsam, and is considered a "Jackrabbit of All Trades".


Background Edit

Some say he’s from Albion, some have said Avalon. There are even whispers of Wysteria or that he came from some even stranger place beyond the Spiral. None really knows the mystery behind the Rabbit known as One-Eyed Jack. Rumors abound: That he won the deed for the Black Spot in a duel with Captain Blood... that he won his earrings in a week long game of Moo Jong with the Jade Emperor himself... that he traded his eye to the Totem Spirits of Big Sky for untold riches. Some say he’s one of the few who ever sailed to El Dorado and survived to sail another day!

Whatever the truth may be, one thing is certain: no deal happens in Flotsam without Jack getting some sort of cut - sometimes without any of the parties involved ever realizing it’s happening! Jack has amassed so much clout in Flotsam, in fact, that many speculate that it’s Jack himself that runs the town. Others have said that Jack is merely the puppet for far shadowy forces that manipulate not only Flotsam but the very skyways of Skull Island itself. Some even say that Jack is an agent for powers greater than even the greatest Wizards of Wizard City! Whatever the case is, only Jack knows for sure...and he’s not telling anyone!

In the end, the only things anyone can agree on is that Jack is clever, jovial, and seems to know a little bit about everybody – at least every pirate sailing the skies...'

Locations Edit

Skull Island - Flotsam - The Black Spot

Skull Island - Scrimshaw - The Warrens

Quests Edit


Quests Given:

Treasure Hunt

Desperately Seeking Sally

Quest Goals:



One-Eyed Jacks Are Wild

Remington's Steel

The Rat Race

The Spaniel Prisoner

Them Rats of Nim

A Pirate Most Fowl

End Quests:

True Love Triumphs?

Videos Edit

Pirate101 Rogue's Gallery- One-Eyed Jack01:48

Pirate101 Rogue's Gallery- One-Eyed Jack

Trivia Edit

  • One-Eyed Jack is one of the many characters in the Pirate101 Forums.

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