Nurse Quinn
(Companion) Crown Shop Nurse Quinn (Medicine Chicken)
Vital statistics
Name Nurse Quinn
Gender Female
Race Chicken
Class Witchdoctor
Health 615
Level Starts at level 23
Character Type Companion
Location Cool Ranch - Bison Burial Ground - Bison Sacred Cave

All worlds - Taverns - Tavern Cellar

Resistance Starts at 23

Nurse Quinn is a Swashbuckler-only companion that is found in Cool Ranch.


Nurse Quinn is first seen in a cave near the bison burial ground. You first have to fight some bison scouts until the jackolope part, she will join you as a ally. Unless you are a Swashbuckler, you can't recruit her.


Damage: 46-77

Abilities: First Strike

Resistance: 18

Armor: 0


  • Not much is known about her but she fights with her safety kit she is holding.
  • She doesn't have any promotions
  • She is a restricted companion.
  • She is only a character available for Swashbuckler, unless you buy her in the crown shop.
  • She is arguably the most weakest and worst companion in the whole Pirate101 game.