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Nova Aquila is a major city and the capital of New Aquila. nova Aquila holds the status of one of the most important main cities of the Achaean way. It flourishes with much culture, art, and many iconic historical Aquilian Monuments. Is is also filled with philosophers, poets, sculptors, playwrights, gladiators (In the Coliseum that is), and even houses Emperor Tibirdius himself! the city is considered to be one of the most flourishing and culturally diverse places in the Spiral. In fact, Aquilian culture is thought to have inspired the Valencian Renaissance! The player travels to Nova Aquila later in the events of Pirate101 once Gortez grants him free access, on a mission to find the third map piece from Argos.

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  • Nova Aquila, means "New Eagle" in English.
  • The city of Nova Aquila is based off of the ancient cities of Athens, and Rome. It contains elements of both Greek and Roman culture mixed together, as most of Aquila does.

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