The Noble Houses are a series of groups in Monquista, all of whom play a vital part (in one way or another) during Pirate101. In Monquistan political standing, they are above Monquistadors, but below both the Holy Monquisition and the Crown; thus, they serve as third highest in Monquista's society.

Known noble housesEdit

  1. House Ortega- at one point in history (presumably before the events of Pirate101), the Ortega family had a strong hold on Puerto Mico; in fact, one of their members was the governor! Unfortunately, by the events of Pirate101, the Ortegas have fallen out of favor with the Monarchy and are now commoners.
  2. House Borgia- a close relative to Bishop Guzman, a powerful member of the Monquisition, the Borgia family serves as a lower form of noble family, as they are both in the noble status and the soldier status. Recent events have caused a painful divide between the wealthy and the warriors; whoever wins will cement themselves as allies of the Monarchy (or as the smarter half of the family).
  3. House Guzman- the first Monquistan Noble House encountered by players, the Guzman family, being part of the church, has enough money to own a sizable cut of the Monquistan navy. They also hold a monopoly on MooShu silk- a rare and comfortable export. Any who meddle in the affairs of the Guzmans face both the Monquisition and Monquistadors from everywhere.
  4. House Valvida- the Valvida family is/was known for breeding loyalty above everything else. Noted as one of the families who participated in the War of La Mancha, they received the greatest prize of all- the Monkey's Paw! Alas, they never reached their home in Gibbonia, as a ferocious storm sent their ship, the Cornelius, into Diablo Cut. Multiple travesties befell the family and their surviving soldiers soon afterwards and, before long, the only living (and undamaged) member of the family was Mendez de Valvida. Their current standing in Pirate101 is unknown.

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