Morgan LaFitte

Morgan LaFitte
is an infamous fencer and swashbuckler within the Spiral.

Rumor has it that Morgan LaFitte was born into nobility on some far corner of the Spiral, but she abandoned her life of wealth and privilege to escape an arranged marriage. Morgan went to Valencia, where she lived a double life as a renowned Countess and a legendary cat burglar.

Trained by some of the finest fencers in Valencia, Morgan's skill with a blade has few equals. Morgan fled Valencia when her secret was finally uncovered, keeping one step ahead of the Armada and finally settling on Skull Island.

She is a Swashbuckler- Class trainer and she's a raccoon.


  • Morgan LaFitte looks similar to the cat burglars found in Marleybone in Wizard101
  •  She served as a spy during the Polarian War, selling critical information about Valencian strategy to Polaris. The rise of the Armada saw an end to her espionage when Deacon discovered her deception.

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