The Monquistan Civil-War was a Civil-War fought because of the tyranny of King Fernando VI. The player starts the war because the king betrayed him/her. Gortez was a general for the rebels, and the King's former spouses were also involved in the revolt.

At first, before the player acquires the Monkey's Paw, things do not go very well. When the player invades the Summer Palace, he/she is informed by Queen Catherine that all of the spies have been rounded up and their attempt to cause a rebellion the normal way has ended in failure. The player is then forced to use another way to cause a rebellion by acquiring the Monkey's Paw, an important relic, and the hand of Saint Bonzo the Unfortunate, the remains of what was left of him after his death.

During the events of saving Napoleguin, Gortez and Catbeard wish to free Napoleguin to help with the civil war. However, Catbeard just wants a reward of a lifetime supply of pickled herring. As a result, another war is started between Valencia and Marleybone, and Napoleguin is freed by the player in the resulting confusion caused by an Armada raid on Fort Elena.

By the events of Marleybone, and sometime between the events of MooShu, the civil war is won by the rebels, and Gortez becomes the latest king of Monquista.

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