300px-(Location) Monquista City

(In Game)

Monquista City is the capital and possibly the biggest city in Monquista, despite how small it is. It is also where King Fernando and his wife formerly resided until the events of Marleybone occured. By then, Gortez had won the Monquistan Civil War, and crowned himself King.

(Map) Monquista City


Events of Pirate101 Edit

The Player first travels to Monquista after capturing Gortez. Because of this, King Fernando declares the player a hero, and instructs him to take Gortez to Zenda To be locked up in chains. However, the king tricks the player, and declares him and Gortez traitors of Monquista, and orders them both to be executed. However, the execution becomes a failure, once the player and Gortez defeat the Warden of Zenda, and the other guards.

The player travels to back to Monquista City again during the middle of the events of Monquista to find a book about something he needs to find. However, instead of using the main entrance, he sneaks to the city from the sewers, and eventually ends up in a Library in Monquista City. The Librarian questions why he/she is there, and gives him a mask so the guards in the city do not recognize who the player is and apprehend him/her.

The player later travels back to Monquista City after the events of Marleybone to ask Gortez for permission to go into Aquila.


  • The city contains contains two parts that the player currently can not access.
  • After the player meets The King, he or she is not allowed to enter the palace again until the events of Marleybone end.

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