Monkey Trials is a sidequest in Pirate101. Finishing this quest will tie up the story with the Order of St. Simian. This sidequest is unbelievably easy.

Quest StartEdit

Brother Enrique: Go, captain, and present the Bananas and the Book of the Banana to Prefect Chiquita. In Lorenzo's absence, he shall argue our case.

The Holy Monquisition will see the truth of our arguments. They must!

Goal I: Talk to Prefect Chiquita

Prefect Chiquita: Thank you, human, for bringing these materials. I would have thought such a task beyond the capacity of... one such as you.

Now the debate begins. You may stay, if you like, and see true Theology at work.

Preceptor Gui: Fellow clergy, honored guests, I declare this debate has begun. Our case is simple.

It is written in the Sacred Scrolls that, in the beginning, the Supreme Primate created the Tree, so that it might give fruit to His children.

Prefect Chiquita: The Scrolls are incomplete. We of the Order of St. Simian have long been the keepers of much ancient knowledge that has been forgotten.

The Book of the Banana, a revered text by Saint Gibbon, states the Tree sprang from the Golden Banana the Supreme Primate dropped from heaven.

Preceptor Gui: This book you present was declared heretical long ago- it has no credence here. Besides, how could this have happened? Bananas have no seeds!

Prefect Chiquita: But some do! Behold, my brethren, these bananas from the Isle of Doom! Echoes of the forgotten past, proof of the legend of the Seed!

Cardinal Zaius: Preceptor, if I may, let me put an end to this foolishness. Those things, my holy brethren, are not bananas. They are Plantains!

Prefect Chiquita: No!

Preceptor Gui: You dare profane this sacred ground by bringing in the Fruits of The Deceiver? Take this heretic away, and confiscate this abominable evidence.

Prefect Chiquita: This is not over! There will be schism within the Church!

Preceptor Gui: We shall pray that the High Pooh Bah does not decide to disband the Order of St. Simian and excommunicate you all. This debate is over!

You there, human. I owe you my thanks. You helped expose the depths of the Order's heresy. Now, this evil book will be locked away forever.

I suggest you leave before the Monquisition investigates your relationship with these heretics. Walk in the shade of the Holy Tree, human.


  • 5 Xp
  • 25 Gold
  • Earned Badge: Knight of St. Chiquita

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