This is the script for the play "The Monkey's Paw".


(As the play begins, a golden monkey's paw is briefly displayed; it is soon replaced by Monquista City, where a Monquistan bishop walks by, only to end up shot by several Monquistadors; he returns with a halo over his head, but ends up hung; he returns with TWO halos the final time before being boiled alive in acid)

Pancho Stanza: The Monkey's Paw is a sacred relic- the preserved hand of Saint Bonzo the Unfortunate, martyred no less than three times during the Great Reconciliation of the Holy Church.

(Bonzo stands beneath a banana tree; upon claiming a banana, he lifts his hand- which glows with holy power -and causes life-giving rain to appear)

Blessed by the First Banana Tree, Bonzo worked many miracles before his third and final death.

After his death, Bonzo's hand was fixed to the end of a golden scepter and retains miraculous powers to this day.

Any Monquistan who holds it may make three wishes, which are granted by divine grace.

But, if their soul is not pure, the wishes will bring them despair instead of happiness.

So it was, with my master...

Monkey Hotay, a retainer of the lord of La Mancha, undertook a great quest to retrieve the Paw.

After facing many trials, he found the Paw and brought it back to La Mancha.

He was tasked to bring the Paw to his lord, but could not resist temptation. He made two wishes and despair followed.

For his first wish, my lord asked for one million bananas. He was hungry, you see.

For his second wish, my lord sought power. He wished to become a don- a lord. He wished to become Don Kehotay. But this did not happen.

Instead of "Don Kehotay", he became "Donkey Hotay"- transformed from a Monquistan into a Donkey.

The transformation drove him mad, but this was just the beginning of the troubles.

One million bananas- this is an unimaginably rich hoard.

Word spread quickly of La Mancha's priceless heap of bananas and every lord in Monquista came for a share of the treasure.

The war that followed devastated La Mancha, leaving it empty and without a lord.

(Final image displays a confused Donkey Hotay standing with a stuffed horse toy in his hand, in the ruins of La Mancha)

Thus, you find it, and my master.

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