The Monarchy is the governing body of Monquista and the highest social class that exists in the nation's social hierarchy. Who is in control of the monarchy changes often, as a royal's rule doesn't last for long in Monquista.

List of royalsEdit

  • Queen Eleanor- a former queen of Monquista, she has been plotting alongside her sisters to weaken the crown and change things. Serving as the leader of the Opposition, she intends to "build a better Monquista". She was imprisoned in Zenda, a noteworthy prison in Monquista.
  • Queen Catherine- another former queen of Monquista, she was the one to create a plan to "splinter the noble houses of Monquista, undermining the crown's power"; unfortunately, the Monquisition discovered her agents all too quickly and arrested the lot of them, leaving her unable to do anything. She is currently trapped at the Summer Palace in Monquista.
  • Queen Anna- yet another former queen of Monquista, she longs to see the Opposition stir up some trouble. She is currently living in St. Bonobo's Abbey, an abbey far from the capital.
  • Queen Isadore- King Fernando the Sixth's wife, she is (apparently) "Queen of Monquista and Skull Island, Empress Regent of Krokotopia and Protector of Polaris".
  • King Fernando- A name that has been used by six Monquistan kings, Fernando is a name that has been in power in Monquista for quite some time (though not necessarily all in the same line).
  • King Gortez- a former Monquistador, Gortez takes the crown in the aftermath of the Monquistan Civil War.


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