Meowiarty is quite the criminal. This is because he always comes up with ingenious plans that he thinks have a very slim chance of failing and has never been caught. At least, that's what the case was until he began working with the evil Necromancer Malistaire. He is first met in Big Ben in Marleybone in Wizard101. However, after the player defeats him, he is arrested and sent to The Glass House Prison, which is also where you find Catbeard sometime after the Marleybonian War started in Pirate101. Meowiarty is much smarter than he looks, even being able to know what pirate class the player is based on a certain thing for each class in Pirate101, (I.e., the player's smell for a Witchdoctor, their weapon for a Buccaneer, and their "stare of a commander" for a Privateer). After receiving the Rosetta Stone from Aquila, which has markings on it that are written in three languages: Old Aquilan, New Aquilan, and Krokotopian, and can also be used to translate the markings found on those strange little Clockwork birds, which are written in Aquilan Linear B, you will need to see Meowiarty so that he can help translate what is on the Rosetta Stone.

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