Don Martin Valvida is an NPC and a boss encountered in Pirate101. A former commander and the head of the late House Valvida, his fates took a turn for the worse because of the Monkey's Paw.

History Edit

Before the events of Pirate101, Martin Valvida was the Don, or lord, of House Valvida. Seeking prestige for his Noble House, he and his brothers- Moresco de Valvida and Martin de Valvida -as well as a ship's worth of Monquistadors partook in the War of La Mancha. During the battle, they claimed many treasures, among them a pile of Monquistan Steel Ingots and the Monkey's Paw.

Retreating with their treasure, the Valvida forces made straight for Gibbonia, ready to bask in endless glory. Sadly, this was not to pass; a storm wrecked their vessel, the Cornelius, leaving the whole army stranded in Diablo's Cut. At first, the Valvidas held onto hope, confident that someone would rescue them; alas, the weeks dragged on, exhausting the food stores that remained. Desperate, Don Martin looked to the Paw. He wished for "something to eat"; several red vines grew, but to consume the Monquistans, not to be consumed. Horrified, the survivors (all three Valvida brothers included) ran to the Canyon of the Crescent Moon.

Heartbroken and devastated, Don Martin made another wish- the resurrection of his fallen comrades. His men did rise again, but as undead horrors, which quickly cannibalized half the remaining soldiers (and, presumably, Don Martin along with them).

By the events of Pirate101, Don Martin rules as a king of the Undead Monquistadors. The player actually faces him as the first boss in the dungeon Canyon of the Crescent Moon. After killing 8 Undead Monquistadors, Don Martin decides enough is enough and attacks, still loyal to his men. He fails, dropping a key to the Monkey's Paw treasure room. Yet, despite being broken, he and his brother Moresco return as the final boss for the dungeon, only to fail once again.

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