The Marleybonian-Valencian War, is a war between Marleybone and Valencia that occurs in Westminster Skyway. It is a war between the Royal Navy and the Armada. The war was started by Catbeard and the Player when he/she was trying to find Mustang Sally. The war first started when Catbeard told the Player abut Napoleguin, the Emperor of Polaris, who was locked up in Fort Elena after the Polarian War. The Player then proceeds to destroy Marleybone ships and steal the daughter of Governor Stanley, Mabel, and take her back to The Catspaw. Then the Player does the same thing to the Armada by destroying their ships and blowing up their Fortress in Port Regal Skyway. Afterwords, Marleybone blames the Armada for stealing the Governor's daughter and the Armada blames Marleybone for destroying their fortress, which then starts the war between them. The first attack took place in Fort Elena, the prison where Mustang Sally and Napoleguin are being held. The Player sneaks in the fort and rescues them both. Eventually, when the Player reaches Marleybone, the Player see's that the war is raging across Westminster Skyway between the Royal Navy and the Armada. And even worse, the Armada is winning the war because they built a giant superweapon into Westminster Skyway that they will use to bombard Marleybone in a few weeks.

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