Marleybone is one of the worlds in Pirate101 and is visited later in-game, Level 50 by the player. Though Marleybone is normally a peaceful place, a recent war has stirred things up and turned the Skyways of Marleybone into one massive warzone!


One of the first nations to exist within the Spiral, Marleybone has quite a rich history. Led by the Dogs and governed over by a Queen, Marleybone has ruled as a massive empire for quite some time. However, not everyone agrees with Marleybone's current heads- countless cat pirates are always up to some kind of trouble and the Foxes-  who are treated as the lowest of the low in Marleybone society are continuing to strive for liberation from their canine rulers; more often than not, foxes have sided with the Radicals in the hopes of disposing of all classes and creating a society of perfect equality for all. Another serious problem is common crime- everyone seems to be under an attack from at least one of several gangs (collectively known as "The Troubles") hanging around Marleybone.

Marleybone is most famous for being home to a formidable naval force- the Admirality. One of the finest naval forces out there, Marleybone is recognized as one of the nations that saved the Spiral during the Polarian War.


Marleybone has colonies in the desert sand of Krokotopia, the seven winds of Skull Island and the moonlight of Darkmoor. Their colony in Skull Island is where they keep the most notorious prisoners like Napoleguin and Mustang Sally, along with Fort Elena and Port Regal, where many residents live. The Pirate101 website mentions that Marleybone also has colonies in Zafaria, and has fully colonized Rajah.


Marleybone has two known skyways, which are Albion Skyway and Westminster Skyway. Albion Skyway is home to the Radicals and foxes, while Westminster is home to the dogs and cats, Big Ben, Westminster Skyway and stormgates to MooShu, When your Pirate is Level 50 (Book 13, Ch. 31) minimum Valencia, Darkmoor, (Book 17, Ch. 43) possibly Krokotopia,and a few unmamed stormgates.


You come to Marleybone to continue (and help the Marleybonians with) the war that you, your crew, and Catbeard started. Of course, with revolting Kurghas, a massive Armada superweapon and an army of clockworks to smash, this is easier said than done.

Marleybone is also a world in Wizard101


  • Marleybone is based off late Victorian era England.
    • Marleybone is also a Wizard101 world. You can see the mainland you go in Wizard101 in the skyline. It is likely that the war in Marleybone happened after the main character in Wizard101 visits Marleybone since there is no mention of the Armada in Marleybone in wizard101.
    • It was later clarified that the two events happen in reverse of their respective development, with our Pirates kicking off the war shortly before our Wizards arrived.
  • There are two other skyways in Marleybone that are based off of Scotland and Ireland.
    • Albion
    • Kent
  • Like Valencia, Marleybone has also invented clockworks. However, the clockworks that the Valencians made are far more superior.
  • Strangely Avalon is based off middle ages England while Marleybone is based off a later period of England. So 2 versions of England exist at the same time.
  • Cool Ranch and Marleybone share much of the same industrial technology, such as the steam engine or their skills in engineering. However; both of them are incomparable to how advanced Valencia is with it's technology, making Cool Ranch and Marleybone seem like cavemen compared to it.