The Map to El Dorado is an extremely valuable treasure (most likely the second-most valued treasure in the Spiral) and the key to finding El Dorado (the most valued treasure in the Spiral).


Before the events of Pirate101, Marco Pollo used the Scroll of Secrets to create his map and, by extension, figure out how to reach El Dorado. Of course, following the discovery of El Dorado (and Marco Pollo's realization of what El Dorado was really created for), Marco Pollo had no choice but to tear the map into pieces and scatter them through the Spiral. The map piece owners were, in fact, himself and members of his crew:

  1. Marco Pollo
  2. Catbeard
  3. Egg Foo Young
  4. Argos
  5. Erika the Red
  6. Christopher Clark
  7. Player's parents

By the events of Pirate101, the hunt for El Dorado is back on and the map pieces are sought after by far more than common pirates; the Armada also hungers for it, believing an ancient power is theirs for the taking if they can make it to El Dorado first!

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