Louis le bisque

Louis LeBisque is a Tavern Cellar companion for Musketeers.

According to his official Rogue's Gallery entry from November 2016, he was born and raised in Valencia under the name Luigi and moved to Polaris at a young age. However, during the venture, his parents were killed by a sky whale and was raised in Polaris, where he got his accent, name, and passion for harpoon guns. Eventually, he drifted back to Skull Island and meets the player in the Kraken Skulls Tavern cellar.

His default colors are purple and green, and starts with Overwatch, Epic Strike, and Claw Trap.

Promotion 1Edit

His first promotion starts at level 15. The title of the quest is "I've Got the Powder", and the plot is to obtain fusilier powder from the Armada. His new title is Crab Gunner and has 2 new epics available for him to learn. His critical strike upgrades to Mega Strike.

Promotion 2Edit

His second promotion starts at level 37, and requires his first promotion to be completed. The title of the quest is "Bigger Guns", and the plot is to get parts for Lucius Fox so he can convert a grapple gun into a harpoon cannon. His new title is Crab Cannoneer and learns 2 new powers, Bear Trap and Rain of Mortarshells, and has 1 epic available for him to learn. His critical strike upgrades to Super Strike.

Unlockable Epics and PowersEdit

Louis starts with the epic Overwatch 1, and is able to learn the following:

  • Overwatch 2
  • Overwatch 3
  • Quick Draw
  • Quick Draw 2
  • Quick Draw 3
  • Return Fire
  • Return Fire 2
  • Return Fire 3
  • Double Tap
  • Double Tap 2
  • Double Tap 3
  • Crossfire
  • Crossfire 2
  • Crossfire 3

Throughout his promotions, Louis has the following powers:

  • Claw Trap (starts with)
  • Bear Trap (upgrades from Claw Trap)
  • Rain of Mortarshells
  • Epic Strike (starts with)
  • Mega Strike (upgrades from Epic Strike)
  • Super Strike (upgrades from Mega Strike)