Lord Osman is the de facto creator of the realm in which Wizard 101 and Pirate 101 reside. He is the closest thing to a God figure that the two games have. Although an official part of the lore, Lord Osman is never referenced directly in any spoken dialogue, but is often times referenced. The existence of Lord Osman was popularized by in-game prophet Nicholas Legend, an easter egg NPC that spoke the word of Lord Osman.

Teachings Edit

Nicholas Legend described Lord Osman as being a talking light in a dark cloud. It is believed that Lord Osman resides in between the two realms and is one of the few actual connections between Wizard 101 and Pirate 101. The Lore states that the first being was a man called Ryan Winter, a man who - upon waking up on the large rock created by Lord Osman - created the seasons. Ryan Winter was both a Wizard and a Pirate, so when the Wizards and Pirates fought the Great War of 1315, Ryan Winter was given a direct order from Lord Osman to split the two worlds in half for the sake of everlasting peace and harmony.

Lord Osman asks nothing of his subjects, not even recognition. He is a gentle creator who does not believe he should be worshiped. Because of this nature, it is believed that Lord Osman will most likely never appear in any actual part of the storyline.