Believed to be an ancient, forgotten, and sandy world of lost tombs and treasures, Krokotopia is one of the oldest worlds in the Spiral.

Ruled by the Pharaoh and his elite warriors, this dusty world is home to two known races: The Kroks and the Manders. Ruled long ago by the Kroks, the Manders of Krokotopia were enslaved and put to work in the tombs and pyramids of the Kings. Krokotopia contains the city of Rosetta as mentioned at the end of Aquila, which is what the Rosetta Stone was named after.

Krokotopia P101

Concept art of possibly the city of Rosetta.


Dialogue from the end of Aquila giving more information on Krokotopia.


  • Krokotopia is mentioned at the end of Aquila.
  • It is a remake of Ancient Egypt.
  • It is the second world found in Wizard101, also made by KingsIsle.
  • The player has not traveled to Krokotopia.
  • Krokotopia is one of the worlds that the player can choose where he or she was raised after the death of their parents. If you choose this, your power have increased effects.