Kobe yojimbo

Kobe Yojimbo is a starter companion for Buccaneer players. He is also from MooShu.


Before the events of Pirate101, Kobe was the son of a noble house in MooShu. Unfortunately, the temporary paralysis of the Emperor caused much war and strife in Kobe's land. His homelands were stolen by the Moomoris, forcing him into exile as a wandering Samoorai. Eventually, Kobe ended up captured by the Armada.

1st PromotionEdit

His first promotion quest Steel The One occurs when he is at level 13, he is then promoted to Bull Samoorai. Kobe gets the following skills and talents:

Appearance Changes: Edit

Kobe wears a black bamboo hat which doesn't cover his two bull horns. Covering his gi is what appears to be a vest with the same symbols from across each other. Kobe also gains two fingerless gloves and his scabbard now becomes black and carries two katanas. One of them is his new Monquistan Steel katana and the other could be his old sword.

2nd promotionEdit

His second promotion quest Redemption! occurs when he is at level 46,he is then promoted to Bull Samoorai Lord. Kobe gets an evolution for his two skills, Mega Strike and Swashbuckler Strike.

Appearance Changes (2nd Promotion): Edit

Replacing his whole attire, it is replaced by a samurai armor. However, Kobe doesn't wear the tradintaol Kabuto, instead the bamboo hat is replaced by a white headband with the same symbol from his gi in the first promotion. The symbol is branded on his chestplate and Kobe now has knee guards.